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Unicondylar Knee Replacement in Early Osteoarthritis Knee – an alternative to Total Knee Replacement

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is a major clinical burden with over 25% of people aged over 55 years suffering knee pain on most days of the month. Management of OA involves a step-wise approach based on the severity of symptoms, beginning with preventive approaches involving alignment correction and cartilage regenerative procedures as well as […]

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Arthroscopy – A Good Choice to Treat Sports Injuries

Arthroscopic surgery is gaining importance in the world of sports and is a commonprocedure for most common joint injuries today. It is an ideal surgical option forsportspersons because it isolates the surgery to only the injured area, leaving thehealthy bone and tissue intact. Less pain, less joint stiffness and a shorter recovery timemakes arthroscopy an […]

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